Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Is it really helpful to skip meals!!!

I am getting late for work, leave the breakfast I’ll have lunch directly!

Sounds familiar because we used to do this in order to stay healthy. But, do you really think that it will help you for keeping you healthy. If You’re thinking that you can lose weight so you are wrong, by skipping the most important meal of the day i.e. breakfast neither you can lose weight nor you can stay healthy.

From lots of reasons to not to skip meals I am listing some of the important and shocking outcomes of skipping meals.

If you listen to your ancestors then you come to know that you should take all three meals at a specified time whether it may be big or small. So, skipping meals is never healthy instead it has many side effects!


The list below are some of the reasons for not skipping the meals. Eating on time, is a good habit and should be followed and having a balanced diet is the most important goal to keep in mind.

To prevent a lot of other health issues try not to skip meals and stay healthy. So here are some reasons to not to skip meals:

1.Blood Sugar

As we all know the sugar levels is obtained from breakdown of carbohydrates from meals. Then carbohydrates will work like body fuel which is required for normal functioning of the organs.

So if you are skipping the meal your body will be short of fuel and as a result the blood sugar levels drop making you feel dizzy and imbalanced.

2.Mood Swings

If you are skipping your meals then you are more prone to mood swings.

As you know that glucose is obtained from food and this will work as the main source of energy for the brain to function your mood. As a result whenever you are skipping the meals it will make your brain receive less energy and leaving you feel moody and irritated.


Are you aware of the fact!!! That skipping meals especially in evening will increase the blood glucose levels in the body which may risks to develop the diabetes. This is because it delays the insulin response to the body when food is not consumed at the right time.

4.Plays with metabolism

Whenever you skip the meal it disturbs your system and puts it into starvation mode. When you take meals your body starts making the efforts to store energy and when this energy will be over then it decreases the overall metabolism. This in turn effects your weight loss program.

5.Indigestion Problems

Skipping meals causes the acidity which is one of the reason for gastric reflux. Every time when you miss your meal the stomach produces certain acids which attacks the lining of the stomach brutally thus leading to severe gastric problems like ulcers and abdominal pain.

6.Key Tips For Good Health

It is said that, best to eat 4-5 small meals every day. These little things will going to fill your stomach and also aids in rapid weight loss. Also, keep in mind that the gap between 2 meals is not more than 4 hours in a day. Most of all, never skip breakfast as it is the important meal of the day.

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