Saturday, August 1, 2015

Have heavy breakfast and stay healthy...

Everyday we're curious for our meal that what to have and what to not, but every time we leave the most important meal of the day i.e. breakfast.

There are a lot of benefits of having breakfast but if you are having the heavy one then its more beneficial.

So, a heavy breakfast is good. It keeps you full for a long period of time and if it is protein rich then its a treasure to healthy life.

Always keep in mind, breakfast is must, don't ever skip it in rush to office.
Here are some reasons that leads to skipping the breakfast; We wake up late because of last late night activities. We tend to get late because of skin care routine in the morning. And now, when its time to rush to office we skip our day's most important meal i.e. breakfast.

Ultimately what we chose, grab a sandwich some way on the way to office.
This is the regular routine of almost all of us and this wrecks the health someday. Now, let us see that why having  healthy breakfast is important to all of us:

1. Put breaks on your craving

Having the heavy breakfast helps you to control your cravings when you set out to have lunch. If you keep youself hungry, then you may end up with overeating at the lunch.

2. Metabolism

A healthy meal leads to a healthy metabolism eventually a healthy metabolism helps you to keep your weight under control.

3. Cognitive levels at its best

There are some researchs which claims that those who have healthy breakfast tend to wok more efficiently.

4. Similey features

When you gives enough nutrtion to your body, then your mood tends to be better. This is one of the benefits of having heavy breakfast.

5. Watch the weight

A recent study shows up that those who used to have healthy breakfast maintained healthy weight effortlessly whereas those who skipped breakfast and sleep, failed to maintain the healthy weight.

6. Last but not the least....Immunity

Those who used to have raw diet which means vegetables and fruits in the morning not only maintain good health but also strong immunity.

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