Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beat the Humidity...

   Aaah….at last monsoon is about to knock the door although it brings humidity with it, all most all of us are still looking the ways to beat humidity. After the beautiful monsoon, it will leave a lot of its lush, sticky heat, which promises to stick around well up to September and October. If that’s the climate where you used to live then I’ve better tips to beat the humidity. I know it’s hard to move, hard to get motivated, and it’s even hard to breathe in sticky humid climate.  In such a climate, we are prone to get unhealthy quickly, so it’s better to beat it rather it saps all your energy! Learn how to beat the humidity and avoid heat exhaustion with these simple, easy techniques!

  1. Stay Hydrated...Stay Fit
The best way to beat the humid climate is to hydrate yourself time to time. If you are out in heat and your house is exceptionally humid and most important if you are working out then drinking water is the essential part of your day. Plain water is just fine but if you need to build up electrolytes or get some nutrients along with the drinking water just try a good vitamin water or simply add ORS/Electral in you water. Also, make sure stay away from everything with high amounts of sugar, because they'll make you more thirstier.

2. Think before wear your clothes

Whatever you wear makes a difference when you're trying to beat the humidity. If the temperature is still high on index and the humidity is also high, then you need to wear light clothes. In not only means that you only should wear lighter materials that don't attract the heat but also they should be light colored as well. And, if you're really serious not wearing white right now, stick to pastels and avoid very dark colors.

3. Eat Fresh Stay Fresh

Another way to stay hydrated is to have lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Try eating lots of salads, it doesn't matter whether it may be a green salad, Fruit salad or a mix of both. However, cooked fruits and veggies are great too but having them raw or fresh is always a better option. Make sure you should get plenty of Vitamin-C and pay attention to the items that have lots of water content like watermelon or lettuce.

4. Mind your hair

If you are having long and/or thick hairs then they may cause you to sweat more, So, be smart about the way you carry your hairstyle. When you're outside in the heat or if it's humid inside your home then don't worry about the curls or frizzes or a perfectly coiffed do. Instead, throw it up in a bun or a ponytail to keep it off the back of your neck. That might not seem like a big deal, but heavy, long hairs actually make your head sweat a lot. You won't get dehydrated, but it does lead to lethargic feeling and even headache, so be kind to your head.

5. Avoid oils

Many of the best tips for beating the humidity involves staying out of the sun or at least protecting yourself from it. However, you also need to protect yourself from protectors. So, always remember stay away from sunscreens, moisturizers and makeup that contains a lot of oils. because oil-based products block your pores, and when they are blocked. your skin can't breathe and will not be able to cool down the way it should. You might not be able to sweat properly, which is incredibly unhealthy.

6. Exercise wherever you are...

Although it's hot and humid people still naturally want to exercise and stay fit. The street is a favourite place for joggers and runners and many of them stick to their routine even the temperatures topped on the mercury level. As a result, many of them suffered dehydration, exhaustion and even heat strokes. You don't have to give up your routine during this time, but you need to be smart about it. If it's hot and humid outside keep it indoors. Go to the Gym, workout in your home using TV programmes or workout DVDs or make up your own routine. If you really want to be outside you can hit swimming pool, a lake--just make sure you are wearing an appropriate sunblock whenever you do. 

7. Take a fun Bathe...

What will be great of the greatest things than having a cold water bath? So, a nice and cool bath is one of the best ways to beat the humidity when it gets high. whenever it too humid, give yourself an hour or so, have a cool or lukewarm bath,  and hop in with your favourite music ON. You'll feel instantly cool, even when you get out. Always be aware of being exposed to air conditioning or into an area with high heat. Because extreme changes in temperature are highly unhealthy.

8. Too good to have shaded...

At the end always look for the shady nooks both indoors and outside. If any area of you home is cooler than the other, make yourself at home. And if you are dying to be outside, make sure you situated yourself under the shade like a porch, an awning, verandah or a shady lovely tree. that way you can enjoy being outside while still having some relief from the humidity.

     These are not only the great ways to beat the humidity but also help you to keep cool and hydrated. When temperatures get hot, you have to stay cool and healthy. It doesn't matter if you're dealing with sultry summer temperatures or an unexpected heatwave in spring, fall, or winter, these tips and techniques will always keep you cool and comfortable. 

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