Saturday, July 4, 2015

What to Have in Breakfast.........

Everybody knows it that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it is not the wise option if you want to stay healthy and fit.

You know there are a lot of options for you to choose to make the perfect decision. I herewith have a list of breakfast options which are completely vegetarian so you can imagine the amount of protein, nutrients and minerals they contain.

Always keep in mind while preparing the breakfast, add less oil and if required switch to olive oil which is the healthier option. For dishes like salads, sandwiches, and Dalia, add vegetables which burn fat easily.

1. Oats

This is one of the many best breakfast options to choose from. Do you know that one single bowl of oats contains around 15gms of fibre which is essential to boosting your metabolic rate. It also provides you the energy which is good in speeding up the weight loss programme. You can add up some vegetable for taste.

2. Idli

Steamed ones are ideally the best healthy Indian breakfast option. Though they are made up of steamed rice which are tasty and healthy too, another option is Rava idli which are much better to boost your immunity.

3. Rava Dosa

As we know that dosa is mainly a fried dish and many choose to avoid this breakfast. However, if you cook Rava dosa on a non-stick pan there will be no need of oil too. Rava is good for diabetics and is a healthy Indian breakfast option for those whose suffer from High BP.

4. Toast

Another light breakfast option is Toast/Bread. Serve it with a little butter as topping will make your tummy happy. If you are a sweet tooth person then you can opt it with Jam.

5. Vegetable Salad

Choosing the right vegetables can help you to burn fat in the body. Add vegetables like tomatoes, green pepper, onions, cheese and many more healthy ingredients. you can add it up with spices too if you want your salad to be a little spicy.

6. Wheat Sandwich

wheat/whole grain bread is the best for sandwiches. You can make a light wheat sandwich with options like cheese, butter or you can add a little flavour with the help of veggies.

7. Dalia

It is packed with carbohydrates and proteins which are the perfect healthy breakfast option. For the sweet tooth: Add nuts and milk.

8. Eggs

Boiled ones are the other best option for breakfast. You can also add up some veggies to your egg dish to make it a filling omelet. Scrambled eggs along with the wheat bread is another healthy option.

9. Poha

It is considered to be the best breakfast treat for those who are health freaks and want to monitor the weight. It is nothing but the beaten rice which contains fewer calories and more nutrients to boost up your energy level.

10. Curd

It is not only good for your health but also good for your skin health too. Helps in to fight various types of bacterias in the body. You can add curd to your bread toast or add curd to your cereal to make your meal interesting.

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