Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beat the heat and Lean your self at the same time.....

With our daily routine life we hardly get time for the workout and in summers we've the excuse of hot climate.

So, why don't we do something that will keep you hydtrated in the summers and helps you to lose weight.

As we all know that fat accumulation is most common issue in today world. You might have got lots and lots of suggestion about fat reduction in minimum days and effortless manner e.g. exercise, balanced diet etc. etc. what ff I suggest a magic potion which will start showing the results in as minimum as 4 days?

Here is the simple recipe to beat the heat and lose weight at the same time.

All the things you required:

1. 8 glasses of water
2. mint leaves- 12-15
3. Lemon- 1 the juiciest one
4. Cucumber- 1 medium size
5. Ginger- 1 

Once you prepared with all the above items then we'll go further and make the potion.

1. First of all take the cucumber, peel it and slice/grate it as you want.
2. Add lemon juice to it.
3. Make paste of all the mint leaves put it separate.
4. Mix all the ingredients with 1 Tsp ginger paste.
5. Put this mixture into refrigerator for overnight.
6. Now, Finally add 8 glasses of water to the mixture in the morning.
7. whenver you fell thirsty or dehydrated drink this juice only.
8. Continue this for atleast 4 consicutive days to feel the difference.

So, this was the recipe to easy to make drink which will do wonders to your health. So for being helthy alongwith the intake of this juice, you should have a moderate meal divided into 5 times a day.
Most important start moderate workout/regular exercise to avoid the further unwanted fat accumulation.

Also, the above mentioned drink promotes the intake of water because its base content is water. More you drink it more impurities will be pulled off from your body. 

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