Thursday, May 28, 2015

Home to to home....NO TIME FOR FITNESS....

As we all are too busy in daily routine office work and earning the mints everyday to look after our the end what we've earned after earning this money...give it to doctors to cure your bad health.

Lets say no to bad health and keep the doctors taking out some of the time from tight schedule to ourselves and lets focus on the healthy diet and fitness tips for the 'BUSY' people.

Always remember: 


Mix and Match: 

As we all better known to  the fact that for being fit we need to do vigorous exercise but due to our hectic schedule left us with no time to hit the gym, we can try out mix up the exercise in the course of the day, it makes you productive and fit:

  • While tele conversation take a walk.
  • Use stairs stay fit.
  • Don't keep yourself slave of workstation...take short breaks and step away take a walk.
  • Do exercise in home e.g. sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, lunges and squats they'll keep you in shape.

Eat healthy and have it on time:

Consuming low nutritional value and high calorie food can lead to serious health issues including weight gain, cardivascular problems and diabetes. For your fitness it is necessary to stick to a healthy diet and stick to a strict routine:
  • Stop consuming starchy food, choose wholegrain variants which contain more fibre and keep you feeling full for longer time period.
  • Feeling hungry in middle of the day? Keep nuts and seed or some citrus fruits with you, it will cure your fatigue and stimulate alertness.
  • To keep you energize and having healthy metabolism, have proper breakfast and small meals throughout the day, rather than 3 big meals.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by having sufficient liquids throughout the day.
  • Always try to avoid processed or packaged food that are loaded with sugar and fat. Excess of sugar has been linked to energy spikes and followed by a crash, while too much of salt lead to high blood pressure and an increased risk of strokes and heart disease.

Have you had proper sleep last night?

If you are finding difficulty in having a good sleep over the night then it can lead to fatigue, confusion, memory loss and irritability.

To get a restful sleep: 
  • Should have a sleep schedule too and stick on to it. Read books, listen to soft and relaxing music, or take a warm shower it will help in relaxing your body.
  • Avoid late night TV and mobile surfing as they can interfere with your sleep.
  • Should pay attention on whatever you are consuming. Going to bed with hugry belly or too much stuffed can cause discomfort and keep you awake.

Be relaxed and deep breath:

Whenever you are trying to juggle up multiple things at a time, you'll be left stressed. Try to take 5-10 minutes of deep breath session, it can help you out in relaxing and reucing anxiety.

You can also try to close your eyes and focus on relaxing and tensile each muscle group while tking deep and slow breaths. The best part about this is it can be performed any time at home, workplace or even on the road (don't try it while driving ;) ).

Do You have right posture....

For healthy neck and back you should take care of your posture because good posture is not only good for your neck and spine but also it allows you to breath properly and increase concentration and thinking capability. 

Following are the things, that can be done for a good posture:
  • Always chose a good quality office chair which should have firm and dense cushion and back support.
  • Instead of resting your weight on a perticular foot, plant both the feet flat on to the floor.
  • Still you are able to make it then set a reminder to check your posture. It can be in the form of post-it notes, an alarm on your smart phone or simply an e-mail reminder.

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