Thursday, May 7, 2015

Say No to shortcuts

As you all Know there is no shortcut to success and same will be applicabe to your health...there is no shortcut to being fit...each shaortcut will cost you somwhere.....

In the age of Instagram and Facebook, looking 'skinny' has become synonymous to being 'beautiful and popular'. Indeed, the number of 'likes' has a powerful impact on one's confidence and happiness. From bare midriff to thigh gap, each fashion trend is met with great enthusiasm, even if it means putting one's health at risk. The latest addition to the 'in vogue' list is the 'corset trend', which has got women across globe risking their health in agonisingly tight corset in order to whittle down their waist. As soon as celebrity Kim Kardashian started posting pictures of herself in tight corset on social media, the trend spread like a wild fire. The 34-year-old reality TV star, in fact, calls her corset a 'waist trainer'. Despite the warnings from experts that constricting the mid-section of the body can harm major internal organs and restrict breathing, many are adopting corsets to 'waist-train' their body to extreme proportions. This shows how young women do not hesitate from punishing their body when it comes to look thin or fashionably skinny.

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